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It is hard to describe a Liberal minded person vs a Conservative person. I will attempt to do this using an analogy:

1. The Liberal minded person says: Let's go to African and work diligently to end Apartheid and free the African Native person. The rich white man will then have to share the riches of the country with the native persons so they can prosper and become more civilized on their own, according to their way of thinking. Besides, they might share the economic system they develop with us and we may also get rich.

2. The Conservative minded person says: Let's not get involved with the system of Apartheid in Africa. It is not our business and, after all, the white man is civilizing the native people and teaching them a good way of life. They would have just squandered the resources and riches of the country anyway. Besides, we are also getting rich off the proceeds of the white man's economic system in that country.

I hope this helps.

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